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Learning journeys was an activity organised with the aim of strengthening networking and peer to peer interaction between and among CBOs as well as experience and skill sharing of old and new CBOs. The learning journeys were conducted in 6 districts, namely, Balaka, Chitipa, Neno Nsanje, Phalombe and Machinga. New CBOs toured projects that old CBOs are overseeing to appreciate as well as learn from the projects. Each learning journey constituted 30 members from old CBOs and 15 participants from new CBOs including Village Heads The learning journeys had several topics under discussions, some which include Impacts of solar projects on communities, measures/financial models that old CBOs put in place in order to ensure sustainability of the projects, challenges on projects and possible solution to projects challenges. CEM officers facilitated the meetings whilst the hosting CBO took a leading role in sharing different issues in regards to the projects.