Off-grid renewable energy private-public partnership model: Improving market access and affordable technology financing | Policy, Malawi 2019

SEED Practitioner Labs Policy Prototyping Malawi brought together policy-makers, eco-inclusive enterprises, and intermediaries over a multi-step collaborative process to design policy instruments that increase access to and improve the quality of support mechanisms for socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable enterprises looking to scale their impact.

The Private-Public Partnership Model for Off-Grid Renewable Energy, hosted by Community Energy Malawi, improves multi-stakeholder coordination around the marketing and distribution of off-grid energy products in Malawi. The model for developing off-grid renewable energy markets offers an approach to engage policy-makers in improving national energy policy implementation by translating existing commitments and targets into public and private sector initiatives (enlisting local governments in particular) for the development of off-grid renewable energy markets as a viable rural electrification solution, driven by growing socially inclusive and climate-smart enterprises.

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