On 26 th October, 2023 during the Renewable Energy Industry Association of Malawi (REIMA) Annual
Conference, CEM was awarded the Mphamvu Award for Next Level Energising. CEM was also
shortlisted for the Energy Efficiency and Lighting Malawi categories.
This Award, the first since establishment, is not just an award to CEM.
It is also an award to Malawi Government through Ministry of Energy. on whose relentless policy
guidance and support we deliver energy solutions to Malawians.
It is also an award to people of Scotland, on whose unwavering financial and technical support, CEM was
established and grew to become a leading energy access organization in Malawi and Zambia.

It is an award to UNDP Malawi who together with GEF and Malawi Government, supported us to deploy
our pilot mini-grid. They walked with us and trusted us to deliver even when we had no prior experience
It is an award to our partners both local and international, University of Strathclyde, Community Energy
Scotland, IEEE Smart Village and many others, on whose mutual support and shoulders we stand and go

It is an award to CEM Trustees and employees, both past and present, whose contributions, efforts and
perseverance, make CEM what it is.
It is an award to our impact communities across Malawi’s 18 districts, on whose testimonies
stakeholders nominated us in 3 categories and unanimously voted for us in one.
Being a first award, it reinvigorates us. We are profoundly grateful to you who nominated and voted for
us. We promise not to betray the trust of those who nominated and voted for us. We will not relent on
our mission to light up Malawi and shall endeavor at all times to be a beacon of hope.
Thank you REIMA for introducing the Mphamvu Awards.

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